Winter Writers’ Week
January 21-26


HTI has purchased meal tickets for lunch during writers’ week. Please note that since all meals are covered by HTI, there will be no reimbursement for meals during your stay.

Tuesday 1/21

  • 6PM Dinner – Adams House Dining Room

Wednesday 1/22

  • 8:30AM Breakfast – Adams House Dining Room
  • 11:30AM-1:30PM Lunch – Mackay Campus Center
  • 6PM Dinner – Adams House Dining Room

Thursday 1/23

  • 8:30AM Breakfast – Adams House Dining Room
  • 11:30AM-1:30PM Lunch – Mackay Campus Center
  • 6PM Dinner – Adams House Dining Room

Friday 1/24

  • 8:30AM Breakfast – Adams House Dining Room
  • 11:30AM-1:30PM Lunch – Mackay Campus Center
  • 5:45PM Dinner – Private Dining Room, Mackay Campus Center 

Saturday 1/25

  • 8:00AM Breakfast – Adams House Dining Room
  • 12:00PM-1:00PM – Adams House Dining Room
  • 6PM Dinner – Dr. Eric Barreto’s Home, 48 Mercer Street

Sunday 1/26

  • 8:00AM Breakfast – Adams House Dining Room
  • Check out by 10AM
  • 11:30AM – Pick up Boxed Lunch in Adams House Foyer

General Information

Please bring one nice outfit for a group picture. We will give you more information as to time and place when you arrive.

In the case of an emergency, call 911. However, if you need to contact us, our information is as follows:

Suzette Aloyo 609-462-1461

Angela Schoepf 609-369-3947

Joanne Rodriguez 609-647-2939



Lodging will be at Erdman Center, 20 Library Place Princeton, NJ, on the Princeton Seminary Campus. Erdman Center is located diagonally across the campus Princeton Seminary Library and next door to HTI’s office in Adams House. If you arrive late after 10PM, use the security phone located in the Erdman Center vestibule.  The phone will automatically dial security and a guard will come to provide you with your room key and meal tickets for meals in the Mackay Campus Dining Hall. 

If your travel schedule or delays require that you have meals en route, we ask that you keep the itemized receipts and follow the Expense Guidelines to avoid misunderstandings when processing your reimbursement after the event.

Check out will be on Sunday, January 26 at 10 am.

Transportation & Expenses

All lodging, meal and travel expenses pertaining to these events will be paid by HTI. If you incur a meal expense at the airport, please ask for an itemized receipt and submit it to HTI for reimbursement, as well as any cab fares or car mileage. As previously mentioned, we ask you to adhere to the Expense Guidelines in order to avoid misunderstandings, and to ensure timely reimbursements. Regarding cab fares, these will be reimbursed only in the event that your flight to Newark is delayed, and results in your arrival at Newark after 11:00 p.m.  All participants should make arrangements to take public transportation to and from this event.

Transportation Logistics from Newark International Airport

Transportation Information
Newark “Liberty” International Airport (EWR) to Princeton by train
  1. After claiming your baggage, please direct your attention to the AirTrain signs (red logo with an airplane and rail tracks). If you are not claiming baggage, direct your attention to anyAirTrain sign.
  1. Follow the sign to the Terminal AirTrain Station. You have to go up at least one level from all Terminals to arrive at the AirTrain Stations.
  1. When you arrive at the AirTrain Station, please follow the signs directing to the Newark International Airport Train Station. If you have any question, please ask an AirTrain clerk, who will be wearing a red jacket.
  1. In order to go from the AirTrain Station to the Newark International Airport Train Station you need to purchase a NJ Transit train ticket from the orange and blue kiosk. Please note the following when buying your tickets:
·        The ticket cost for a One-Way Adult is $19.00.
·        You can only buy a One-Way ticket.
·        You can purchase your ticket with cash, debit card or credit card.
·        One ticket will be printed out: from Newark International Airport (Code: EWR) to Princeton (Code: PRNCTN.)  Note: Please request a receipt for all your transactions. The ticket you buy is good for the main line and the connection train to Princeton (a one or two car train servicing Princeton, also known as the Dinky.)  The ticket is used three times:  you will pass it through the fare gate at the Airport Rail Station, the conductor on the NJ Transit will punch it and return it to you to use at the Dinky, and finally the conductor of the Dinky will retain it.
·        Please purchase NJ Transit tickets only! HTI will not refund AMTRAK tickets.
  1. After purchasing your ticket please direct your attention to the digital train schedules. The line serving Princeton is the Northeast Corridor Line towards Trenton.
AirTrain service frequency
5am to midnight – Every 3 minutes
Midnight to 5am – Every 15 minutes
NJTransit service frequency (From EWR to PRNCT)
There are trains available from 12:06am to 10:58pm. Be sure to check the digitl train schedule or ask an AirTrain or NJ Transit clerk
For more information visit:
  1. Upon arrival at Princeton Junction, direct your attention to signs leading to the Princeton Shuttle (the Dinky), which is at the end of the platform and to your left.  It is approximately a 4-minute ride from Princeton Junction to the new Princeton University station, and the Dinky runs frequently.  In rare occasions the Dinky could be out of service.  If this is the case, follow signs to a shuttle bus service.  Make sure it says “Shuttle” as there are two other lines servicing the train station.  If there is no shuttle service available, please take an Uber or Lyft to 20 Library Place, Princeton (Erdman Center). 
  1. Upon arrival at Princeton University station, please walk to Princeton Seminary.
·        When you get off the train in Princeton, walk toward the only stoplight you can see. Turn right on Alexander Street and walk up the slight hill to the PTS campus on your left.
·        Please be advised that Princeton Theological Seminary is a 10-12 minute walk on a slow incline.
·        For more information, please visit Princeton Seminary website.
  1. If you have any questions regarding the directions to follow, please refer to the map on the Seminary’s website (above), ask a NJ Transit clerk, a Princeton Borough Police Officer, a Princeton Township Police Officer, a Princeton University Police Officer, or a Princeton Theological Seminary Security Officer.

Appointments to Meet with Joanne

The following appointments have been scheduled and confirmed.  All meetings will take place in Joanne’s Office in Adams House. Appointments are subject to change.

Wednesday, January 22

10:00 am            Juan Carlos Morales

11:00 am            Rodrigo Barbosa

12:00 pm           Martin Rodriguez

1:00 pm             Michael Sekuras

2:00 pm            Stephanie Mota Thurston

3:00 pm             Christina Llanes

Thursday, January 23

9:00 am               Abelardo Rivas

10:00 am            Hector Varela Rios

11:00 am             Elmer Guzman

Library & Gym

Princeton Theological Seminary Library

The PTS Library Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday-Friday 8am-6pm**
  • Saturday 9am-5pm (Please return all books at this time)
  • Sunday CLOSED

Procedure: You will be provided a card stating you are part of HTI’s Writers’ Week.  Please show this card with ID at the Library Desk.  They will have a library card available for the group’s use with a sheet having your name and space to write down book information.  Please make sure to return all books by 5:00 pm on Saturday.  Thank you.


Whiteley Gym

Whiteley Gym is located at the corner of Stockton and Hibben Streets. The gym has a court for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, and table tennis, as well as a fitness center and racquetball court.  Please let someone at the front desk of Erdman know that you wish to use the gym.  They will provide you with a card.

Gym Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 a.m.–10:30 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m.–10:30 p.m
Fitness Center: Opens at 6:00 a.m