HTI Giving Day: Making an #HTIimpact

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Here is how graduate, and now professor Dr. Xochitl Alvizo shares how  her small steps lead to her dream being fulfilled!

A Thousand Small Resurrection Moments

Xochitl Alvizo, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, California State University, Northridge

I always knew I wanted to be in the classroom. I loved learning and being exposed to ideas that changed my way of thinking – sometimes permanently. I joked that I had two choices, I could either pay to be a student in someone else’s classroom for the rest of my life or get paid as a professor to learn with others in my own classroom. I chose both, as a professor, I got to be a “forever” student who spent her time teaching and learning in community with others. For this, I knew I needed the Ph.D.

People tell you that the PhD will be hard, that you will have to cut other things out of your life because the process demands so much of you. As a newcomer to the academy, you hear the words, you understand their meaning, and you take the advice in earnest. But the reality is that you have no real way to imagine what that experience will be like – no way to know it in advance. It can feel like a thousand small deaths where it feels easier to call it quits. The process is long. Writing the dissertation feels especially overwhelming. So many moments when the end does not feel possible.

But, take the next small step, that is all. A thousand small steps. A thousand small resurrection moments. It was this practical, almost mundane reminder that kept me going. It was from among the tools of the HTI summer workshop, this simple little sentence I put on a Post-it that helped make things manageable again; a reminder to break things down to just the next, doable, thing. And doable it was – and still is for many others. Join us in extending the reach of HTI so that others may also have those small resurrection moments that make all the life-giving difference.