2019 Book Prize Winner

The 2019 Book Prize Lecture will be held in Princeton, NJ on June 25, 2019. Read more about 2019 Book Prize Winner, Dr. Patrick B. Reyes and Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community, and Surviving to Adulthood in the next issue of the HTI Journeys Newsletter.

Dr. Patrick B. Reyes

Director of Strategic Partnerships for Doctoral Initiatives at the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE)


Dr. Patrick B. Reyes is a Latinx practical theologian, educator, administrator, and institutional strategist. He is the author of the book, Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community, and Surviving to Adulthood (Chalice Press, 2016). The work explores the role of stories and violence in vocational discernment.

He collaborates and works with leaders of institutions, foundations, and other para-academic organizations in theological and higher education to build their capacity and transform theological schools and programs for the 21st century. He received a doctorate and master’s from Claremont School of Theology, and a Master of Divinity from Boston University, School of Theology.


Nobody Cries When We Die is for those looking for a call to life, for finding their purpose, and surviving every day. From the back cover:

“When the screams of innocents dying engulf you, how do you hear God’s voice? Will God and God’s people call you to life when your breath is being strangled out of you? For people of color living each day surrounded by violence, for whom survival is not a given, vocational discernment is more than “finding your purpose” – it’s a matter of life and death. Patrick shares his story of how the community around him – his grandmother, robed clergy, educators, friends, and neighbors – saved him from gang life, abuse, and the economic and racial oppression that threatened to kill him before he ever reached adulthood. A story balancing the tension between pain and healing, Nobody Cries When We Die takes you to the places that make American society flinch, redefines what you are called to do with your life, and gives you strength to save lives and lead in your own community. “